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Peace Pod
A cabin that's a... sanctuary that's a... camping pod that's a...

The "Peace Pod™", (AKA: Euro Pods, Camping Pods, Snugs) are the latest in ultra modern, state of the art, sculptured structures... Beautifully crafted from high quality Nordic Spruce, impenetrable Larch Wood, and finished off with the fire resistant metal roofing tiles and metal roof cladding providing 100% outside protection from the elements... This solidly built, practical yet elegant small footprint building is perfect for owners seeking a long lasting high quality structure which is a "cut above" the everyday camping structure, a retreat, or a therapeutic office... whether you are seeking a unique structure for your retreat, camp grounds, spiritual centers, hut to hut, golfing facilities, coffee stands, or fishing palace... the "Peace Pod™" is a hit where ever it goes... with High Grade Double Glazed top quality Windows and Doors... the "Peace Pod" is a great investment! Get your "Peace Pod" ordered now so you can insure your delivery... Call us today at 800.557.7157

NEW 2017 designs
Coming Soon!!
Log Cabins
Are you living your dream... cabins we have... cabins big and small...

Quality Products @ Affordable Prices... You have been searching and now you have found... Eagle Log Cabins is the North American Premier Log Cabin provider... USA and Canada. We have more designs, more options, the highest quality product... for what-ever your needs. If you are seeking a tiny house, a small footprint... maybe a garden shed, a holiday home, a garage, equestrian stalls, a sanctuary, therapeutic offices, a remote office, job site, workshop, hut to hut, ski lodge, dog sleding home base, summer house, or sauna ~ We have you covered! Built with the skills of Craftsman wood workers working for us for more than 16 years, combined with the un-matched machine tooling to make it right the first time, quality materials that exceed the norm... bringing you the best that your money can buy! Check out the web site... and if you do not see what you are looking for we will be happy to show you, or work with you on a custom design bringing your dream into reality: call us at 800.557.7157

Siberian Spruce
The Quintessential Cabin... A Sanctuary that exudes cozy, warmth, light, character...

Beautifully crafted by skilled wood Craftsmen help to produce your “dream into reality!” Using only the finest high quality hand-picked seasoned "Siberian Spruce" which resists weather, decay and rot once it is treated! Be it tiny house/small footprint structure or a grander scale... we use loving care and quality engineering in everything we produce. Wall structures in single wall or go “Twin Skin”... using airspace to insulate! Our choice is to be ecologically sound in our thinking and our production... all the timber used is approved by the FSC International (Forest Stewardship Council), using the "Seven Generations" thinking to be a green company, to use High Grade Double Glazed top quality Windows and Doors for your cabin, joinery timber, dried at 9% moisture content for a longer lifespan of your dream cabin ~ Eagle Log Cabin’s™ stands by its motto ~ Quality Products @ Affordable Prices! Call today and let us help find your dream 800.557.7157

Top Cabin Features
  • 28mm Timber Floor Boards As Standard

    28mm Timber Floor Boards As Standard

    are longer lasting and much, much stronger & safer than thinner, inferior 19mm flooring that is used elsewhere...

  • Comply With Current Planning Legislation

    Comply With Current Planning Legislation

    No planning permission required for our cabins under 2.5 m high - add extra living or storage space without the hassle!

  • 5 Point Locking Double Glazed Windows & Doors

    5 Point Locking Double Glazed Windows & Doors

    tilt & turn facility* & weatherproof seals keeps your cabin warm and cosy during the winter months with the added peace of mind that it is highly secure...

  • Double Strength <br/> Roof Purlins

    Double Strength Roof Purlins

    We take the time to cut each purlin at a 90 degrees to ensure they take the full weight of the cabin. We put your safety first that is one reason why our cabins are the best on the market!

  • Range Of<br/> Log Thickness

    Range Of Log Thickness

    28/34/44/70 plus twin skins 34/34mm and 44/44mm for all year round use - now that is choice you will not find elsewhere!

  • Interlocking<br/> Design

    Interlocking Design

    no need for all those screws, nails and tools as all our cabins interlock meaning that there is no damage during construction...

  • Bespoke Designs <br/> Available

    Bespoke Designs Available

    if you have a design in mind then contact us to discuss your requirements as we have many years experience in creating tailor made cabins...

  • Range Of Extras Available

    Range Of Extras Available

    Foundations, insulation, roof finishes, guttering, verandas, room dividers, lean to sheds and more...

North American Delivery...

We deliver to most parts of the USA & Canada. We use a professional, efficient team of delivery drivers who will deliver your goods to your door - more details

Best Door And Windows...

Our 44mm cabins come with double glazed ‘Tilt & Turn’ windows plus a 5 point locking system as standard for added security - more details

Dare to Dream!!

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Real people ,Real cabins, Real quality!

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