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Thomas and Vivian, the founders of Eagle Log Cabins, began their relationship together with a weekend away in a Bavarian resort. They spent much of their time visiting Log cabin Model homes. They were in love, with each other and the dream of a log cabin of their own someday. Vivian while pursuing her PhD. built an office, her personal sanctuary in which to write. Thomas lovingly built her custom shelving for her collection of books collected over 25 years of academic and consulting work.

Vivian who loves kayaking, skiing, nature and the outdoors, has been involved with teaching sustainability, nature-reconnect, and is an Eco-psychology major, as well as having taught designing, and personal growth. Thomas is also outdoorsman. Architecture major, ADA specialist, has a marketing and customer service background. He has been involved in research and design, teaches skiing, soccer, and is involved in adaptive sports.

Vivian treasured her cabin. It was her sanctuary for inspiration and solitude In 20010 there was a tragic event and Vivian cabin was crushed by a 60 foot pine tree After saving her25 years of academic research and advancing to candidacy level in her program, Vivian and Thomas began the search to rebuild the cabin.. Vivian found a designer Thomas and Vivian began Eagle Log Cabins, LLC. They built their website and with the designs attached and started showing the differences between old school and the modern technology - FSC Sustainable practices!

Eagle Is Soaring... Eagle is Golden in North America, Europe, and Asia where Tiny House is the new big! With our newly designed milling capabilities we can provide the customer with multiple building styles - Award Winning... Our designs range from Spiritual Retreat Centers, Personal Sanctuaries, Peace Pod's, Equestrian Stables, Potting Sheds, Cottages, Cabins, Barns, Hut to Hut, Hunting Cabins, Sauna's and Spas, Mother-in-laws and Off-Grid, Alpine and Beach Cabanas, Gazebos and Pergolas, Kidz Kabins, Critter Cabins, Tree House, Tiny House, Residential or Resort. Sustainable FSC Timbers, planting 3 trees for every tree harvested! Harvesting in the Nordic Regions, using hand picked high grade timbers with tight grains and tiny knots bringing the ultimate in structural strength... Combine that with the high tolerance computerized cuts, Bar Code tracking, Pre-builds, all insure the best quality for the consumer. With over 25 years of industry experience, exclusive designs, custom designing, and with a crew of Creative Designers, Eco-Architects, Engineers, and Customer Service oriented reps... all based upon a Conscious Business Philosophy which is based upon a sustainable 7 Generations business model. Much more than a cabin company, the &, and many others all believe in the new pardigim - For our Children's Children... When all companies choose to reframe and reformat their practices, it will not only be successful, it will be the change - a Freedom-2-Thrive!

Eagle hopes you enjoy the photo collection of the journey, real people, real cabins, real quality!!! Dare to dream!